Are your online services selling to their potential?

Our goal is to help our clients create a more profitable business via online channels. Using our online strategy, implementation and management tools we enable them to focus on high yield channels and prioritize the most critical actions.

Are you getting the most out of your online marketing investment?

We do not believe in high online marketing budgets – we believe in high return on investment. Our KPI analysis reveals the current status of your online actions and the efficiency of your eCommerce and eMarketing teams, this helps us find the most efficient level of online investments for your company. Our focus is always on money, either cutting costs or increasing revenue.

Are your online actions managed systematically?

Online marketing and sales actions should be based on facts, not opinions. Our job is to ensure that our clients’ online marketing and sales processes are systematic, efficient and based on the company’s strategy.

Do your current online actions support your business goals?

Aligning your online actions with your business goals is the only way to succeed. Our specialists have followed the online marketing trends for more than 15 years and our company has completed well over 1000 different domestic and international client projects. Our history gives us a deep understanding of online customer and business behaviour.

Are you performing better than your competition?

We believe the Internet has changed our lives and the way business is done. There are two things that you can count on: there will be a lot more change in the future, and the speed of change will accelerate. Traditional companies are focusing on how to sell – not on how their modern clients or customers are buying. Our clients are ambitious and they want to seize the opportunity to benefit from what the online world offers for businesses.


If you are answering ‘yes’ to the above questions, you don’t need our help, you are on your way to success. If not, please read more about our process and services.