Five year planning is really difficult in today’s digital world: constant change and an accelerating pace is the new world order. The traditional aspect of selling is not working in the need-based online world either. However, as difficult as it is, one should not abandon planning, new rules require new steering methods.

Instead of thinking about selling, our focus is on the buying behaviour of modern clients and consumers. The Internet plays a significant role in every step of the buying process, from problem recognition or activation to information search, evaluation of alternatives to the purchase decision. In the age of the Internet, the ways of activation follow the nature of the Internet as a need-based media; the Internet also makes information search and the evaluation of alternatives extremely easy. Online marketers who force online marketing into traditional marketing forms are doomed to fail; the distinctive nature of online marketing should be taken into account in strategic planning and implementation.

Our simple process is the outcome of 15 years experience in online business. It’s not the first one we have developed, and it won’t be the last. We are happy to give you more insight into our working process – please request a personal contact!